Further Future - Voyage 001: The Beginning

PhotographerReka Nyari
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyReka Nyari Photography
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

An advertising campaign for Further Future Event in May 2015. A visionary event in the Nevada Desert combining music, wellness, art, and human connection.

About Photographer

"I always wanted to be a painter... I came to NYC when I was 17 to study Fine Arts at SVA... I sweated over large canvases, night after night, creating hyper realistic oil-paintings of nude men and women. I was angry, full of vigour, and aggressively against anything untraditional and "modern". In the haze of hand stretching my canvases and egg-yolking my oil paints, I swore my lone alliance against photography, computers, and and God forbit, Photoshop! After traveling the World for 3 years as a model, I came back to NYC and discovered that I liked being behind the camera a lot more than being in front of it... and well, even more that I liked being behind a canvas board. These days I view my photography as the best way to express myself. They are my paintings. The raw image is just a bare starting point to something different, just as a nude model in my painting studio once was."