Honorable Mention

one dress, different intentions

  • Photographer
    Carolin Heiming
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    Canon 5d Mark III

there is the same dress that is weared by different persons at different ages, varying looks, at a various locations and mainly.. with not the same intention. A gown is not only there to dress a person but also people are wearing fashion most of the time to express themselves or to reach something. My series will show that no matter WHICH person at which age, look or location can indeed wear the SAME dress that looks exactly the same BUT all these single individuals have their own reason why they are wearing this dress. They have an intention and the pictures all tell a story that can be certainly understood quite fast while watching. My aim is however not to show only how different this dress looks in different lightning scenarios weared by different persons - but to show that the EXACTLY the SAME dress can MEAN so many different things to that person wearing it. The DIFFERENCE you will see in each single photo compared to each other supported by different light, age of person, gender, look and lightning situations. This is all about "STAGED PHOTOGRAPHY".

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