PhotographerTom Lindboe
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyTom Lindboe Photography
City/CountryCopenhagen , Denmark
Photo Date08 feb 2014
Technical InfoCanon D5 Mark III
Entry Description

The image is made for a Copenhagen based bicycle shop for indoor media. The images was shoot in the mountains near Malaga, Spain.

About Photographer

Tom Lindboe is a Danish photographer and storyteller. He has documented stories with his camera all over the world for more than 20 years. His work includes advertising, fine art, editorials and reportages, as well as many different motifs. However, over the past years Tom has returned to capture his initial love; the beauty of nature and man. He is most well-known for his clean, graphic style that translates into powerful imagery, from the drama of nature to intriguing celebrity portraits. Whether rally racing through Africa’s deserts, mountain biking in British Columbia, photographing from the top of 140 meter-high wind turbines or documenting Nigeria with a security escort, Tom is no stranger to high risk and intense situations. With certificates from Maersk Training center: BOISIET and MIST, Tom is certified to travel to offshore installations. He enjoys the challenge of a rough environment, and adapts well under pressure. Intense and challenging projects are the driving force behind him.