Jejewelry and Sewing

PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMilano, Italy
Photo Date2011
Entry Description

Images commissioned by IO DONNA Magazine

About Photographer

Project, process, quality, visions. Are the concepts behind the work of Bodha D'Erasmo and Gilda. Bodha and Gilda, two separate entities, with different histories and experiences, meet in a vision of photography where the keys to the beauty and harmony are the expression of a profound visual language with multiple levels of interpretation. They work for four hands, experimenting with a careful design process, aimed at satisfying the demand through a heterogeneous creativity and a great mastery of technique based on years of experience. And 'it fashions the scope of the favorite in its multifaceted forms. They rely on big name in fashion and design to translate into visual narrative material suggestions and formal thanks to a personal and recognizable style, made of references and reflections to other universes.