Arctica: The Vanishing North

PhotographerSebastian Copeland
Prize2nd Place in Book / Nature
City/Countrylos Angeles, United States
Photo DateRetrospecive Book (2005-2014)
Entry Description

This book represents ten years of expeditions in the high latitudes. It covers the Arctic ice from Alaska to the North Pole, and across Greenland, all the way to Norway. It's purpose is to shed light on this fragile and often misunderstood world, so close and yet so distant from us. The Arctic is transforming before our very eyes. As I have come to know it, it is a lot like us: defiant, fragile and fleeting. And yet its influence shape the world and geopolitics of tomorrow. And the course of humanity.

About Photographer

Photographer, explorer and environmental advocate committed to bringing the fragile beauty of the polar region into people's home to encourage preserving them and promote a path to sustainability.