International Photography Awards was conceived in 2001 by Hossein Farmani.
The idea of IPA was developed after many meetings and collaborations with the help and advice of the following friends:

Susan Baraz
Michaelle Burstin
Chris Davis
Jeff Dunas
Michelle Dunn
Graham Howe
Michelle Hill
Yildiz Kumru
Jim McHugh
Aya Tanimura
Glen Wexler

The staff of APA, ASMP, WIPI and SMPSP

And many others.

I was impressed not only with the overall talent and innovation of the submissions, but that I noticed a solid prevalence of images made at an intimate scale in the landscape and portrait genres. It was almost like the photographers were deliberately going in closer and deeper and with intense concentration on the classic, old-school magic of the genre -- showing us back to ourselves, personal experiences, just real human life on the planet. It was a moving experience for me!

- Shana Nys Dambrot, Critic, Curator, Author