International Photography Awards was conceived in 2001 by Hossein Farmani.
The idea of IPA was developed after many meetings and collaborations with the help and advice of the following friends:

Susan Baraz
Michaelle Burstin
Chris Davis
Jeff Dunas
Michelle Dunn
Graham Howe
Michelle Hill
Yildiz Kumru
Jim McHugh
Aya Tanimura
Glen Wexler

The staff of APA, ASMP, WIPI and SMPSP

And many others.

The work submitted this year has shown exceptional use of colours, a variety of creative treatments, and I found several artists showed certainty in their aesthetics, which may be indicative of a rising confidence amongst young Photographers. Much of the work has good style and colour treatment creating a well executed aesthetic of curated life. It further appeared to me that there was a much stronger Asian presence of work with Asian-centric talent and locations. As an Asian-based Agent, I much enjoyed the review and the level of work.

- Annette Fausboll, Ugly Duckling Projects