Canadian photographers represented their side of the globe with a large number of beautiful images that stirred the emotions of the esteemed jury panel. Viewers got to see warm and fuzzy scenarios that made them feel instantly better and images that caused them to think. Ilanna Barkusky, 1st Place awardee in the Sports / Summer sports category, explained: “Photography has been the greatest gift in my life ever since I picked up a camera. It means the world to me, as it has given me the ability to travel the globe, experience new cultures and meet amazing people. I can’t imagine my life without the ability to create and collaborate with others – it is my driving force.”

Ilanna Barkusky – Colour Block Series

Special Photographer of the Year, Sawyer Russel touched upon the topic that has affected all of our lives substantially: “An eerily quiet downtown Calgary during what normally is rush hour. The only inhabitant, a silent menace. Unseen and invisible.”

Sawyer Russel – The Silent Menace

A pair of baby swans waddling up on shore and cuddling in the Lakefront Promenade of Toronto, Canada. It was early morning and overcast so the white sky gave the perfect lighting and backdrop that almost makes it look like a studio shot. I love this photo because it’s so pure and sweet.,“said Non-Professional photographer Marlon Porter who received 3rd place in the Nature / Wildlife category.

Marlon Porter -Little Moments Of Magic