Emanuele Cucuzza


Emanuele Cucuzza is the Founder, Publisher, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of Image in Progress, a biannual paper publication, sold in more than 30 countries, which has many prestigious Media-Partnerships with Awards, Contests, Festivals and Fairs.

Emanuele’s old passion for photography took finally root when – while he was still attending university as a law student – he began working as a journalist, and then as a photographer, for the most important luxury lifestyle free magazine in Italy. From that moment on, he has never left the Publishing and Photography worlds, covering almost every possible role, including Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Assistant, for international independent niche magazines.

In 2004 he founded his family company EdiFore srl, providing publishing advice, editorial contents and photography services to other publishing houses, advertising agencies, galleries, international brands, multinational companies, as well as emerging designers or start-ups.

In 2010 he founded Image in Progress, his first magazine as publisher, and since then, he discovered many photographers who deserved and needed a support to emerge as artists and sell. In collaboration with a selection of them, he recently created an innovative project of Special limited editions art prints for Image in Progress which reached an increasing success at international auctions, enriching the collections of private clients in Europe, USA and ASIA. This evolution of his magazine led him to represent some of these artists in multiple online platforms and auctions…

Recently he founded also www.underwaterphotographyfestival.com, an online gallery focused on Underwater Photography, and is working on opening an innovative gallery in Rome.