Liz Lapp


Liz Lapp is the curator for Shutterstock and the co-founder of Finch &
Ada, a contemporary fine arts collaborative, working with international
artists and companies including, Dolly Faibyshev, Robert Otto Epstein,
Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Uprise Art, and ArtStar.

Mrs. Lapp is a 13-year veteran in the Arts and marketing and graduated
from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She served as the
gallery manager/curator at the Brooklyn location of the Farmani Gallery,
and assisted in New York for The Lucie Awards, PX-3: Prix De La
Photographie Paris, and The IPA (International Photography Awards). She
has also contributed as a writer to PDN, PDNedu, and The ASMP National
Bulletin, and served as a fine art photography portfolio reviewer for the
2013 9th Annual powerHouse portfolio reviews, the annual ASMP NY fine art
photography portfolio review and the 2010 New York Photo Festival.