Lori Cicchini


What is your background?

I am a recent graduate with a Degree in Photography, specializing in conceptual portraiture, fine art nudes, and fashion. I am currently serving on the council for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography with an interest in promoting photography to the community.

What kind of photography do you most identify with?

I mostly identify with the genre of fine art in photography. I enjoy exploring the relationship of the human body within narratives, whether it is in the form of nudes, portraiture or fashion

Explain your style in 100 words

My style has been described as dark and emotive, and at times, it can be quite peaceful and ethereal. My nude work is quite varied in style, however generally peaceful and beautiful.

How did your style change over time?

As I grow as an artist my style is influenced by interests. Currently, I have been heavily inspired by artists of the renaissance period together with my interest in nature, particularly the landscape where it is on land or in the water.

What photograph left a lasting impression on you and why?

There have been many, generally, they are images which question human relationships with the world around us.

When did you discover your passion for photography?

I discovered my passion for photography during a holiday a few years ago, eager to capture what I was feeling rather what I was seeing. I soon discovered that it was my deeper understanding of my world that I was keen to capture in images.

Name 5 photographers who have inspired you

Gregory Crewsdon, Deborah Turbeville, Paolo Roversi, Frank Hurley and Tim Walker.

What would you do without photography?

That is a difficult question as I found photography to be a way of expressing myself, without it I would be lost.

Is there one photograph of yours that you are very proud of? Why?

One that stands out at the moment is from my Human Nature series, the leaning tree. It expresses a force of nature and my general consensus as a human to embrace its power.

What role does the photographer have in society?

I believe my role as a photographer in society is to ask questions, capture beauty as I see it, document it and share it.

You can contact Lori here.