Louisa J. Curtis


Louisa J. Curtis is a Creative Consultant, Writer and Presenter based in New York City. She formed her company Chatterbox Enterprises over 15 years ago, offering photographers a variety of services including image review and editing, website and presentation feedback, plus marketing and promotional suggestions customized for the appropriate audience.

Louisa’s own passion for the power of photography began as a teenager when she visited a Diane Arbus exhibition in London. She had never seen anything like it but her emotional reflexes and responses to the images she saw truly awakened a life-long appreciation and love for the art of photography and what it can potentially convey to the viewer. Photography is there to elicit an emotional response from us, whether the subject is funny, tragic, or everything in-between. Simply put, does the image “move” us in some way?

Over the years, Louisa has reviewed countless portfolios for Photo Plus Expo and The Palm Springs Photo Festival, as well as for ICP (The International Center of Photography). She authored numerous articles for PDN’s PhotoServe and Agency Access’ Blog, The Lab, as well as for her own newsletter The Chatterbulletin. Louisa has given presentations and moderated a multitude of panel discussions on photography, marketing and websites for Adorama, APA (American Photographic Artists), ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and Photo Plus Expo.


PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Segal, Paris circa 1990