Mariano Belmar

Winner, IPA 2017 Discovery of the Year

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I was born in Murcia (Spain) in 1949 and most of my life I spent in that city where I currently reside. From a very young age, I was very attracted to paintingas a means of expression (I remember that as a child I spent hours blurring pages). But life took me by other ways. After a couple of attempts to return to the painting I found in the photograph, a very suitable medium of expression. My first camera is acquired over 25 years and I photograph everything I find in my path.

The circumstances make me abandon this activity and it is much later, coinciding with the arrival of the digital era when I return to the image Photography is, for me, fun that I spend too many hours. Actually, I am a painter who does not know how to draw and who finds in the camera an excellentsubstitute for brushes.

I’m very interested in composition, but still more in the light and how to model with it. I have no preferences in the type of work (landscape, urban, portrait, b & w or color). My career extends fromlandscape to urban urban photography and from hereto “fantastic realism”. I have no official studies in this field and almost everything I have learned from working on the computer. Self-taught, my influences always go from the school of obscurantism to the impressionists and to the black cinema.

I have published in some magazines and won several awards. My current activity is mainly focused on the search foran increasingly refined form of expression and according to what I want to express.


Competition Ports and coastline of the Region ofMurcia:
2004 1st Prize
2006 1st Prize

San Javier International Competition
2013 1st prize
2015 first, third prize and ascesit

International Montfoto Competition
2014 Mention of honor
2015 1st Prize Landscape Mode

Kontinents Award
2015 Bronze

Alicante International Competition
2015 2nd prize

ND Award
2015 Fine Art: Photomanipulation 1st Goldstar

2015 Honorable Mention

2016 2nd Prize in Fine Art
2017 Discovery of the Year

2016 1st Prize

Saint Just
2016 FIAP Gold Medal

2016 2nd Conceptual Award

Legazpi Hurricane
2017 1st prize

Pano Awards
2017 Silver and Bronze