Ramin Barzegar

2022 Professional Architecture Photographer of the Year

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to where you are today.
I was lucky to be born in a supportive family.
I see beauty in many different things: nature, people, and architecture.
I am a visual storyteller and I enjoy sharing my passion with everybody. It makes me feel good to share my passion with people.

Q: Why did you choose to submit this specific work to the IPA?
The most important reason for participating in photography competitions is that when you participate, you get the opportunity to see the work of other artists around the world, with thousands of cultural and climatic differences. Beyond seeing hundreds of beautiful and meaningful pieces, you learn a great deal. In my opinion, the path taken by IPA, the Farmani Group, and Lucie Awards acts like an art university. It teaches novices techniques, composition, and storytelling, and provides professionals with the opportunity to be seen and to open a window towards all photography enthusiasts to the art and perspectives of global photographic artists.There are many distinguished photography awards but there is only a handful that top tier and IPA is one of them.

Q: What does winning this competition mean to you?
There have been so many amazing artists and so many beautiful submissions and I feel honored to be among the best of all other award winners.

Q: You won Architecture Photographer of the Year with your stunning work, “My Vision”. Could you tell us about the technique you used to create these unique shaped buildings?
The buildings are so impressive and I wanted to show this to everyone.
This is a combination of fine art photography with a touch of creative editing.

Q: What other photographers have impacted your own work, methods, or style?
There are many inspiring artists all around us
Philippe Halsman, Man Ray, Alex Stoddard …
The way Ansel Adams brings forth the majesty of nature
I am trying to bring that majesty to architecture.
And third person ….

Q: What do you feel are the key steps to achieving great images?
Inspiration is all around us
Visual storytelling is one of my passions and I try to communicate with accuracy..

Q: How did you develop your personal style?
When I look at my own photography certain and number of my images speak to me in different ways and stand out
I took those images and I analyze what it is that draws me so much into those images and I try to make more and more like them.

Q: What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of becoming a photographer?
The most difficult part is that you cannot have your camera with you all the time because the moment in life that you wish to capture but you didn’t have a camera with you.
Life is limited and it’s not the number of breaths we take. It’s the number of times we take our breath away and I wish I could have my camera with me to be able to capture those special moments all the time.

Q: What are the elements that drive your photography? What motivates and focuses you?
I’m trying to capture photos that people experience remotely. It happened to be visiting my sister when her daughter took her first step decades ago when nobody had a camera in their mobiles.
Diving: special underwater photography was so impressive in the part that was a protected area and just limited for the people.
The photo I took made people take the environment more seriously because we are part of nature.
Story: wasting water when people don’t have it to drink.
Save the environment

Q: What would your ideal photography project be if you could do anything or travel anywhere?
Photography is the art of capturing lights, the way ice and snow Aurora refract light in many different ways has always been amazing to me, and that is why I want to travel to the North Pole.
There are many architects around the world that are not famous enough to be featured in, but their works are amazing. I like to be the voice of these people.

Q: What’s next for you? Are you currently working on anything exciting?
Photos of people who save their lives.