Ronald Beinner

Photography Editor, Producer, Consultant

Ron Beinner is a photography editor, producer and consultant with over 30 years experience in the editorial world. He produced environmental portraits on location for Vanity Fair Magazine for over two decades. Beinner collaborated with the editors, writers, photographers and art directors to create dozens of covers, portraits and portfolios on location from Anchorage to Timbuktu.

Beinner’s work at the magazine covered world events, politics, environmental issues and entertainment. His first assignment for Vanity Fair was to arrange a portrait sitting of the former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky for a July 1998 issue that created a stir. He made his way through the streets of lower Manhattan with a small photography team in the days after 9/11/2001, resulting in a noted Special Edition of Vanity Fair, “One Week in September.”

Soon after the levees gave way in the wake of Hurricane Katrina he, a photographer and two assistants mapped their way to and through New Orleans to create a record. The resulting VF feature, “Hell and High Water,” won a World Press Photo Award in 2006, was nominated for an ASME and became an exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery in London.

Beinner traveled to Cairo after the resignation of President Mubarak to track down and convince the heroes the Arab Spring to allow us to take portraits that were featured in VF’s “Waking the Lion,” in 2010. He and a small crew navigated down the Rio Negro in Amazon Rainforest and up to the melting glaciers of Chile to take portraits of indigenous tribes devasted by climate change. He managed a treacherous journey across seven counties in Africa for an expose on the ivory trade in 2011 and capped off his tenure at the magazine with a visit to Clarence House in London where then Prince now King Charles sat for a portrait for a 2019 VF cover.

Beinner now works on visual projects for tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Photo credit: Daniel Paik

Instagram: @runronrun
Website: ronbeinner.com