Sue Park

2021 Non-Professional Book Photographer Of the Year

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background!

I was born in South Korea. I graduated from Seoul National University in Korea. I began to take photographs in the 1980’s. I had solo exhibitions twice and group exhibitions many times all over the world. I won Photo Awards more than ten times. I am a director of Shatto Gallery in Los Angeles.

Q: How did you realize that you enjoy photography and capturing pictures?

I think photography makes every unique moment eternal. And this world is full of beauties and wonders. Capturing the beautiful moments and making them eternal is a really exciting task.

Q: Do you ever have trouble getting inspired? What do you do when moments like this arise?

I do not think I had trouble getting inspired. I only need more time and health to proceed my journey as a photographer.

Q: Which aspect of photography would you say was the hardest thing that you had to learn or get used to?

It is difficult for me to follow the trends of fast changing techniques which I do not agree with sometimes. I try to express the natural beauty with my lens in a simple method, not using shocking and extreme manipulation.

Q: You have been chosen Non-Professional Book Photographer of the Year for your work “monovision,” a photo book that is a collection of 102 black and white images. What is it that draws you specifically to this type of monochrome photography?

I think the simplest beauty can be shown best by black and white pictures. Mono color is not just black and white. There are so many different shades and tones of black and white. If you eliminate the color from the object, you can appreciate more details and contrast. That is why I like to shoot monovision.

Q: What was your primary mission in creating this book? What do you hope to share with or inspire in your readers when they look through the pages?

When we set our mind simply, we can enjoy the beauty around you more deeply. I wanted to praise God’s amazing creation.

Q: Why did you decide on entering this particular project into the IPA?

I hope my photos are evaluated by experienced professional photographers. Besides, I know the IPA is the most prestigious photo award. I also received 1st place in the book category in 2019 with my previous book “Sue Park Photography”.

Q: What does winning this competition mean to you?

It helped me build confidence in my work. I believe the best way of showing pure beauty is to express it naturally with a camera. There are so many different techniques and mixtures of the artworks with photographs and digital art these days. But I still believe the basic technique is the best.

Q: If you could do anything or go anywhere, what would your dream photography project be?

Pursuing the same way as I had been is my dream and goal of a photo project. I have a plan to have my solo exhibition in Italy next year. I wish I could meet other photographers there and share experiences.

Q: What good advice would you give to a photographer who is just starting to experiment with photography?

Be patient and diligent! Before you go out to take a picture, you should know all about the camera. You have to study and experiment with your equipment first. Be creative! Do not try to copy others. Make your own masterpiece.

Q: What is next for you, are you working on anything right now?

I am preparing my solo exhibition in Los Angeles and Italy next year. I also am planning to publish my third book.