Tang Jiongming


Tang Jiongming is a professor at Shanghai Visual Arts Institute (SIVA) and the subject leader of its photography program, a senior journalist and documentary director at Shanghai Media Group (SMG), a postgraduate supervisor at Shanghai University, and an adjunct professor at Shanghai Normal University.

He has directed and filmed works that won over sixty national and international awards, including Shanghai TV Festival (STVF), Asian Television Awards (ATA), Asian Side of the Doc, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (GZDOC).

He is the first winner of Chinese National TV awards, the first Chinese winner of STVF’s documentary category, with notable works such as “Crossroads,” “Space: Yan Hua’s Own Account” and “Released from Prison,” etc., among which, ”Shanghai Impression“ series was distributed to 193 countries. His documentaries were released in multiple cities, including Paris and Lyon, France, and was screened at Festival dei Popoli.