The International Photography Awards Announces Winners of OneShot: Peace Special Photo Contest

The International Photography Awards (IPA) is excited to announce the winners of the “OneShot: Searching for Peace” Special Competition. This year’s contest rdeceived outstanding entries from all over the world in 4 categories: Calm in Conflict, Everyday Tranquility, Nature’s Serenity, and Peace Through My Eyes. 

 “In the world today, peace can seem elusive. However, these photographers have managed to capture its essence, revealing its beauty and presence in the serene landscapes of nature, the quiet moments of everyday life, or surprising instances of tranquility amidst conflict,” said Hannah Lillethun, IPA’s Program Director. “Their images speak volumes, offering a sense of hope and reminding us that peace can be discovered and nurtured both within ourselves and in our surroundings. Congratulations to all the winning photographers, and heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared their special images with us, each contributing to this inspiring portrayal of peace.”

 The Grand Winner and receiver of the $2,500 cash prize of this year’s competition is Patryk Jaracz, whose photograph titled “Kids learning how to ride a bicycle in the fields of Ukraine,” captivated the judges with its profound message and artistic excellence. This compelling image captures a poignant moment of tranquility, delivering a powerful narrative of peace found in an unexpected place: a war zone. “The stark contrast between war and running children is both cruel and hopeful,” wrote jury member Zhai Honggang, Director of SINA Images.


orange desert on film

Kids learning how to ride a bicycle in the fields of Ukraine.

Patryk Jaracz

Kids learning how to ride a bicycle in the fields of Ukraine. In the background aftermath of an overnight Russian drone attack on the Rivne region and a burning oil depot.


My Son

Marta Syrko

Serhii (28) was very involved with his young family before the war; he has a wife and two children, one son recently born. He enjoyed cars as a hobby, and still does, but for Serhii, family is the most important thing in life; protecting family and his homeland is paramount to him. Like many others, he joined the Armed Forces to defend his country from Russia’s invasion. One day he climbed down into a ditch and spotted a tank far in the distance. Suddenly, a shell detonated at close range, propelling fragments everywhere. The impact of the shockwave tore off his right leg.


trees on black and white film
monument valley on black and white film

Peace in Times of War

Mouneb Taim

Amidst deafening bombardments, the peace musician plays his soothing tune, seeking to create a tranquil haven amidst the chaos. The crowd joins in, their voices harmonizing in a song that celebrates the beauty of life amidst conflict.

All the noise

Moses Harris

A man stands alone in the middle of a crowd of thousands. He grips a wooden pole that fly’s the flag of Palestine. His eyes closed as if lost in meditation.


two elder man standing in a lake
half naked balck man sitting with a flower in his hand


Martina Holmberg


A girl rests against her sister as they wait for their mother to come out of hospital in the small village of Mimia in western Congo.


The Lunar Compass

Nicola Ducati


The peaceful life at the highest latitudes.

three childreb playing in the garden
black and white landscape on film

Sick of Seventeen

KJ Herb


Two friends sit atop the roof of one of their houses. They are surrounded by snacks, slushies, and musical instruments. The afternoon Summer sun melts into them as they embrace the day starting to end. They’re seventeen years old on the brink of major changes in their life, but yet they find a moment to sit still and breathe. There is peace that can be found in the inevitable and unending change. “Sick of Seventeen” is a part of the 76 image photo series “Prologue” that investigates and discusses the importance of interpersonal relationships while coming of age.

Black and White

Saeed Rezvanian


Elements of nature, despite their distinctions or even contradictions in appearance, are in a deep, permanent, and cohesive relationship with each other. Nature inherently moderates forces, and connection between humans and nature can also bring balance and tranquility for them.

taxi going up on a hill
black and white photo of a grandfather


Finding Her Peace

Leslie Beckman


A young girl takes in the beauty of her world, finding her peace.



Gigja Einars


Hugs-The Universal Language Between Love and Connection This image of a black and a white horse embracing each other holds profound symbolism to me, reflecting the harmony and balance achievable between opposites. Their contrasting colors—black representing depth and mystery, and white symbolizing purity and clarity—merge in a gentle hug, illustrating that unity can be found in diversity. This beautiful interaction serves as a powerful metaphor for peace: a reminder that despite our differences, whether in color, belief, or background, there is always a potential for connection and understand

boat hire on film
black and white photo of a grandfather


The Gateway #1. Into the Unknown.

Dmitry Ersler

The portrait of the man is standing thoughtfully at the shore and looking at the ocean.



Arevik Martirosyan


They say if you’re able to tuck in a healthy, peacefully sleeping child into a warm bed in a safe home, you’ve won the lottery of life. Unfortunately so many people in today’s world can’t say that. So many broken lives, so many lost childhoods.

boat hire on film
black and white photo of a grandfather


Dream Of A Peaceful World

Hien Nhan Nguyen Hong

In the world today, there are many wars breaking out, a dream of a peaceful and peaceful world not only takes place in our dreams but also must be turned into reality, through this photo. I call for peace, pray for peace in the world, avoid the destruction of the earth caused by humans .Let’s look at the lessons of war in the past so as not to destroy the future of humanity and our planet. In this photo, workers or motorbike taxi drivers in Saigon often sleep on the streets in the vehicles that they use to make a living. This photo was taken in March 2024 in Saigon, Vietnam.