Top Awarded Analog Photography from IPA 2021

Analog photography is enjoying a renaissance these days and more and more people are getting into this way of photography. Let’s see which were the best photos in this category from both professional and non-professional artists within our IPA photo competition framework.
orange desert on film

Deserts of NamibiaDanielle Celie

The photographer captured the point on film where ocean and desert meet. Danille Celie draws inspiration for her visual novels from her fascination with historical occurrences. The visuals she makes offer a peaceful respite. She travels to isolated, often severe locations for her projects, where human activity has left wounds on the landscape.

The TreesYIEN XU

Every life has a soul, which manifests itself in various ways. The tree’s soul is firm, and the artist uses photography to demonstrate that. “My name is Xu Yien, and I’m a photographer that specializes in fine art photography. My work is recognized as contemporary art that manipulates reality’s perspective and re-presents the world through photography. Natural scenes with a different condition of pure existence, which you cannot find in the real world, are used in my photography.”

trees on black and white film
monument valley on black and white film

Out West – Monument Valley in AnalogSteele Burrow

Monument Valley in northern Arizona provided the backdrop for this two-frame panoramic. One of the few truly authentic ways to capture black and white images is with large format film. The huge size of the so-called “sheet film,” popularized by Ansel Adams, captures a level of detail not attainable with most regular film or even digital cameras. The photographer uses a view camera to record these landscape shots full-frame and then scans the entire film sheet to create an actual view of the entire image in the final print.

Smokes let’s go!Heikki Leis

This is an ongoing project about two old pals who loves to recollect old times. Since 2000, the artist has worked as a freelance artist. Heikki’s work consists primarily of hyper-realistic pen and pencil drawings, as well as sculptures. He has also been a keen photographer since 2004 and has participated in shows. His primary interest is analog photography, which he pursues with both mid-and large-format cameras.


two elder man standing in a lake
half naked balck man sitting with a flower in his hand

DanielNiki Genchi

Daniel is the first image in the photographer’s “Seeds of Love” series, which was inspired by a desire to address the social injustices caused by racial hatred and sexual stereotypes. In her project, she wants to show the beauty and purity of these young individuals who are still subjected to discrimination today.

Wish You Were Here You AreEmma Creighton Hopson

Through built, rephotographed photographs and video montage, this piece contributes to a contemporary portrayal of motherhood. The resulting open-ended graphics live in a type of in-between space where the real and the surreal collide. Wish You Were Here You Are addresses the plurality of signification, the contingency of meaning, and the links between truth and illusion in every layered pictorial level through its various images.

three childreb playing in the garden
black and white landscape on film

Black landscapeMałgorzata Szura Piwnik

With black sand, a beach, and grass, Iceland is a unique location. In the evening, this location has a fantastic vibe.

Missed ConnectionMin Ji Park

Missed Connection is a film photograph that the artist took on a hot summer day when he saw a taxi driving up a hill surrounded by buildings. Another cab drove past the bottom of the frame as he started taking the image. When he saw the full product of what he believed would be a destroyed photo but turned out to be more than he had expected, he decided to call it Missed Connection.

taxi going up on a hill
black and white photo of a grandfather

Portrait of Grandfather EugenePablo Fanque’s Fair

At his vacation cottage, Grandfather Eugene poses for a portrait. Glass 18 x 24 cm, wet plate collodion method.  Pablo Fanque’s Fair is a project in the world of visual arts based on photography that mixes material and digital techniques in order to offer a physically tactile beauty in photos. The desire to pierce into the magical realism of surrounding reality rather than pointless routine is the driving cause behind Pablo Fanque’s Fair.

Boat Hire, Lake Jindabyne, NSW, AustraliaChris Round

This photograph is part of a larger project about the Snowy Hydro Scheme and the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales. It’s a study of the delicate balance between nature and man’s involvement – massive constructions among epic vistas, reshaped and freshly created streams – as well as daily life in the area. A boat hire pontoon has floated from the banks of Lake Jindabyne after heavy rains boosted the water levels. During the summer months, the lake is a popular spot for water activities.

boat hire on film
two friends on black and white film

Eternal BondRiccardo Montanari

The photo was taken with a Polaroid back that was loaded with 599 expired Polaroid film. The camera was a Sinar Large Format. Feelings of peace, strength, and worry are undeniably evoked by this image. The goal of this photo is to convey the impact that true friendship can have on people’s lives.