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Jodie Mann


This category is for commercial images used to sell, market, promote or advertise a product, service, or person(s).

  1. Automotive — featuring motor vehicles of any kind (motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc.)
  2. Beauty — glamour-style portraiture, either artistic or commercial, emphasising someone’s or something’s beauty
  3. Brands Campaign — photos to advertise or promote a specific brand
  4. Fashion — featuring clothing, other fashion items/accessories, makeup or styling
  5. Food — photographs featuring food
  6. Music — relating to music, musicians, records (album art), concerts and musical events
  7. Product — images that accurately and attractively represent products for commercial purposes
  8. Self-Promotion — images that promote the photographer’s personal brand, style, personality, etc.
  9. Other — advertising or commercial photographs which fall outside the scope of the above categories

Mateusz Żurowski


This category is for photography that uses non-digital methods of capturing images.

  1. Fine Art — images that focus on aesthetics; express an idea, a message, or an emotion through the artistic vision and execution of the photographer
  2. Portrait — photos where a person or a group of people are the main subject
  3. Landscape — images that capture the elements of nature and the natural features of land, sky and water
  4. Other — analog or film photographs that fall outside the scope of the above categories

Thamarong Wanarithikul


This category is for architectural photography, buildings or structures, interior or exterior, and any part thereof; dynamic images of architecture or architectural details.

  1. Abstract — a more ‘artistic’ take on architecture photography, usually featuring lines, shapes, or angles, or parts of a structure outside the context of the whole
  2. Bridges — images of bridges, arches, piers, or other similar structures or parts thereof
  3. Buildings — photographs featuring buildings and structures, or any aspects of a building’s architectural features
  4. Cityscapes — the physical aspects of a city or urban area
  5. Historic — buildings or architectural sites with historic significance or value
  6. Interiors — Interior design or aspects or buildings or structural spaces
  7. Industrial — buildings and structures serving commerce and/or industry
  8. Other — architectural sites and structures, or aspects thereof, which fall outside the range of the above categories

Hester Dijkstra


This category is for bodies of work published in book form. Eligible books include exhibition catalogues, prototypes, proposals, independently published, self-published, traditional, limited edition, multi-author, single-author, intersectional, zine, handmade, re-issue, and more.

  1. Documentary — providing factual information on specific subjects or events
  2. Fine Art—where the intention is aesthetic, revealing the subjective, creative vision of the artist
  3. Monograph — specialist work on a single subject or a limited aspect of a subject
  4. Nature — focusing on natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures
  5. People — portraiture and/or works focusing on the human element
  6. Self-Published — work published by the author, independent of an established publisher
  7. Other — book entries that fall outside the range of the above categories

Kevin Painchaud


This category is for images usually meant to accompany text, illustrate a story, article, or an idea within the context of a publication, and can cover a wide range of subjects.

  1. Contemporary Issues — photographs highlighting important social or political issues of our time
  2. Environmental — including images of the natural environment or natural events (global warming, ecological footprint, etc.), taken for artistic, research, or monitoring purposes
  3. Feature Story/ Photo Essay — images (usually a series) arranged to explore a theme, news feature, human-interest story, etc.
  4. General News — images accurately representing news and current events
  5. Personality — portraiture photography, specifically capturing the unique personalities and characteristics of the subject
  6. Political — documentary or narrative photographs with a political theme
  7. Sports—editorial images documenting any sport or sporting event, professional or amateur
  8. War/Conflict — photographs covering armed conflicts and their effects on people and places
  9. Other — editorial photographs that fall outside the scope of the above categories

Elena Plotnikova


This category is for photographs featuring occurrences and people at any special event or occasion.

  1. Competitive Events — this could include sporting or any other competitive events
  2. Social Cause — photos covering events focused around social issues and causes
  3. Traditions and Cultures — photos of events relating to or representing a specific culture or tradition
  4. Wedding — images featuring people and activities relating to wedding or engagement ceremonies, celebrations or traditions
  5. Concert — this could include music concerts or similar events
  6. Other — event photography which falls outside the scope of the above categories

Amy Ouderkirk


This category should feature images where the intention is aesthetic, revealing the subjective, creative vision of the artist, photos that express an idea, a message, or an emotion through the image and the technique used to create it.

  1. Abstract — non-objective, experimental, or conceptual photography depicting a visual image not immediately associated with the object world
  2. Collage — any image created by combining or pasting several images or parts of images together to create a new composition or interpretation of reality
  3. Landscape — photography featuring landscapes in an artistic way, often enhanced, showing scenes in nature through the creative eye and techniques of the photographer
  4. Minimalism — images using a minimum amount of components such as colour, shape, line and texture
  5. Nudes — photos depicting the nude human body with an emphasis on form, composition, emotional content, and other aesthetic qualities
  6. Portrait — artistic images of a person or group of people, capturing the personality of the subject by use of lighting, backdrops, poses, etc.
  7. Still Life — photos depicting inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects or with a single object in focus
  8. Other — Fine Art photography which falls outside the scope of the above categories

Lars Beusker


This category is for photography that is devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

  1. Aerial / Drone — photographs taken from an aircraft, with a drone, or other flying object, either by hand or remotely
  2. Animal/Pet
  3. Astrophotography — photos of astronomical objects, celestial events, and areas of the night sky (landscapes with astronomical objects are included)
  4. Flowers — floral photography in any form
  5. Landscapes — photos that capture elements of nature and the natural features of land, sky and water. Photographs of artificial scenery, such as farm fields, orchards and gardens, can be entered here as well
  6. Macro — close-up photographs where the size of the subject is life-size or larger
  7. Seasons — images with a focus on the natural seasons, and their effect on nature
  8. Sunset — photos showing the rich colors and dramatic lighting of the sunset
  9. Trees — photography of trees and forestry
  10. Underwater — photographs taken while under water, diving on the surface, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle
  11. Wildlife – photos documenting animals and other wildlife in their natural habitat (NOTE: animals NOT in their natural habitat, such as farm animals or those kept in a zoo, should be entered in the “Special/Pets” category)
  12. Other — nature photography that falls outside the scope of the above categories

David Mengual Sendra


This category is for photographs where people are the focus, whether a single person or a group, showing the human aspect of life in all its wonderful variety.

  1. Children — portraits of children and youth
  2. Culture — images that tell a story about a people and their culture or traditions
  3. Family — photographs highlighting family and what it means
  4. Lifestyle — the art of ‘everyday’, photos showing real-life events or milestones, people and their way of life
  5. Newborn/Baby — portraits of newborns, babies, toddlers, etc.
  6. Portrait — artistic images capturing the personality of a person or group of people
  7. Self-Portrait — photos representing the artist taken by the artist
  8. Street Photography — photos that capture the essence of the urban lifestyle, random moments, real life, chance encounters
  9. Wedding — images of wedding or engagement celebrations, ceremonies, or traditions, and the people taking part
  10. Other — images focusing on people that fall outside the scope of the above categories

João Azevedo


This category is for the more “niche” genres of photography, and those using special techniques or technology to achieve the finished product.

    1. Digitally Enhanced — images that have been edited and/or enhanced using digital technology/editing software
    2. Night Photography — images captured outdoors at night, between dusk and dawn
    3. Panoramic — wide format images with horizontally elongated fields of view
    4. Pets—photos featuring domesticated animals, including animals kept on a farm, in a zoo, or anywhere outside their natural habitat
    5. Smartphone Photography — photos taken using a mobile phone/smartphone
    6. Special Effects — images showing how a subject or scene can be interpreted or captured by the artist using special effects or techniques (manual or digital included)
    7. Travel/Wanderlust — photos from around the world, highlighting an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history
    8. Other — special photographs that fall outside the scope of the above categories
    9. AI-Generated Images 

      Acknowledging the emergence of AI technology in the industry, and to allow these images to be seen by a larger audience, IPA has added this new sub-category. However, it will not be judged against the other sub-categories for conventional photos and photography-based images.

Peter Zarkob


This category is for all sports-related photography, editorial or artistic, featuring any competitive or recreational sport.

  1. Extreme Sports — photos documenting sports and recreational activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk.
  2. Motor Sports — images covering competitive sporting events that primarily involve the use of motorised vehicles
  3. Team Sports — featuring any sport in which opposing teams compete to win
  4. Sport competitions — covering local or international sporting events, such as world championships and world cups, etc., held to determine the best athlete or team in a given sport/field
  5. Summer Sports — featuring sports primarily played in warmer seasons or climates
  6. Winter Sports — featuring sports played primarily in colder seasons or climates
  7. Other — any sports photography that falls outside the scope of the above categories